You need to:
  • Have a genuinely new original and good quality idea in-line with the conference theme
  • Submit an original paper, photograph or a film or an innovative project as per academic format (provided)
  • Get accepted by the experts, based on quality work novelty, and originality produced after a peer review process

Call for Papers

Research and Technical Article(s) Publication Opportunity:

DICE CAM 2017 is providing an amazing opportunity to publish student research papers and technical articles related to Creative Arts and Media in its Dossier. This will not only boost your profile as a research student but also provides you with the opportunity to enter the league of academic contributors of this sector. The main theme of the conference is revolving around the emerging trends in Creative, Arts and Media. The purpose of such initiative is to highlight a different dimension and contribution of the professionals and scholars alike. The aspirants through such participation will be engaged with the world-renowned professionals of their field. By such an engagement of idea and exchange of professionalism we can explore and expand our horizons. The Academic paper /Case Studies /Student working papers /PhD or MS Work in Progress papers/Proposals and Technical Article need to be relevant based on following criteria;
They need to:
  • Have a genuinely original and good quality idea in-line with the conference theme
  • Write a paper according to academic format (as per preference)
  • Get accepted based on quality, novelty, and originality of the work after a peer review process by academicians

Photography Contest 2017

Eligibility Criteria for Submission


Photos should be the sole original work of the person submitting.
It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that any photograph containing an image of a person has been taken with the permission of that person (or, when under 18, the consent of their parent or guardian). Similarly, the photographer must have the permission to photograph in a particular venue or location, where required.
Submitted photographs must not infringe on the copyright of any third party. The entrant must own the copyright for the submitted photograph and for the usage rights required by the competition.
Submitted photographs must not infringe on the privacy rights, or any other rights of any person.
Copyright of a photograph submitted for this competition remains with the respective entrants. However, each entrant grants the DICE CAM permission to feature the photograph in any and all publicity including third party websites, publications and in the media (electronic).
DICE CAM retains the right to publish the contest entries in any format. DICE CAM will credit the photographer but will not seek permission to reuse an image after first receiving it.
Note that winning photographs will be used in the DICE CAM media Campaign and may feature winners in press releases or other communication to showcase the competition, the winning photographs and congratulate the winners.
  • The submitted photograph should be based on the theme


  • The Photographs submitted should be in high resolution
  • Send in your images with a maximum file size of 10 MB
  • Images should be saved in jpeg format with a aspect ratio of 8x10” (Landscape or Portrait)
  • All briefs and Photographs must be in a single email by each entrant. The email subject line should read ‘DICE CAM 2017 Photography Competition’.

National Short Films

What you need to know


Providing limelight to the creative community, NSFA will invite amateur and professional short films from all over the country and provide recognition to the top ten To empower the young, talented and enthusiastic filmmakers around the country, DICE CAM 2017 provides a national short film exhibiting platform to step up and film thoughts, ideas and expressions.
  • The submitted film should be based on the theme


  • The Duration of the film should be between 3-10 mins
  • Submitted films should be in High Resolution
  • Submission in AVI, FLV, MP4 or compatible formats

DICE Sharks Sessions

Need Money for your Unique Idea?

DICE CAM 2017 is offering an amazing opportunity to present your idea in front of a wide range of investors. DICE sharks sessions will be platform where you can present your idea in front of the representatives of investment portfolio managers to help in actualising your idea along with providing exhibition space at the exposition.
Project Requirements:
  • Participating teams will need to come up with a creative idea AND one page project/idea description, and team membership at the time of registration.
  • The Artist’s selection for the exhibition is subject to review by DICE-CAM selection team which maintains the right to make the final selection of each Entry.
  • Teams should preferably utilize state-of-art technologies/software/techniques to design and create the innovative concept, wherever applicable
  • Note that the project final submission dates and development requirements may vary according to the focus area
  • Teams will be required to display and present their projects on the days of the event


The content submission is intended for the DICE Creative Arts and Media Conference, Exhibition and Exposition purpose only. All the copyrights for the Jurisdiction and authority for the selection of Research papers and technical articles are reserved under the designated scientific committee and the submitted media falls under the jurisdiction of the appointed jury members by the Dice Creative Arts and Media executive council. Please note that the conference organizers hold the final decision related to approval and rating of submitted content and are not liable to any explanations.